Mind-Sound: Music & Language Create Imagery Through Sound, An Interview With Heiko Martens-Scholz


By Diane Gold

Heiko Martens-ScholzThis article is from an interview with Heiko Martens-Sholz, who uses music, rhythm, language to create mind imagery through a scientific method that helps us achieve goals through sound motivation.

What this means for our audience is that his method can help regulate appetite and manage urges. We are developing a mind-sound program for WarriorsOfWeight.com community based upon Heiko’s HiTec-Motivation.

To follow are some important pieces of our interview with Heiko.

When we met, we talked … about my training in music therapy and the similarities with what you are doing. Let’s have you define motivational sound and… how you became interested in the subject.

First of all, I would like to say that I believe that music is one of the basic elements of human traits, of a human condition. And I believe that whenever music and rhythm is part of our motivational mindset, it literally moves us. So when we use music, not only for pleasure and enjoyment, but for change; it will move us.

I’m sure you have had this experience before in your music therapy.

Music changes us. Music does things to us from a biological level. It makes a big, big difference in many, many ways.

Diane Narrative
Heiko talks about a new element of the human condition, language. He explains how prior to language, there was something older which was image, the vision, imagery, fantasy in our brain/mind system. He goes on.

What we did in our research was we combined music, rhythm and language to create imagery. And I… would say it’s a kind of a revolution.

…Sounds fantastic. Can you talk about HiTec Motivation which you invented with the Technical University in Munich. And how the sounds in your program reboot a person’s mindset or attitude by the listening of the sounds.

I like your term reboot because actually that’s a term we are using in conjunction with our technology.

ObstacleWhat we do if we are considering to change something in our lives … for ways to reset our mindset or reset our routines in everyday life… That puts us into a certain stress level because, to achieve that change, we have to become very active. And in [much] scientific research … in motivational psychology, scientists found out that, to make the first step towards change is a big obstacle. And even the final step is a big obstacle.

HookA lot of people do the first step to change something. But when it gets to the final step to receive the reward of change…like to …lose weight on a constant level, they lack to do the final step. And that’s because the brain/mind system is … referring to systems and experiences that the [brain/mind] system had before. It’s very hooked on the past. It’s hooked on repeating past experiences.

What we found out in our research … [is] if we could change and modify …affirmations that we use to define our goals that we use to change something in our lives

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Affirmations are positive words we use to help us reach and maintain goals such as,
“I am a really good musician” or “My body is very beautiful.”

Sound WaveHeiko
and if we could transform these affirmations into sound patterns like music or rhythm or frequencies, it would be much easier for our brain/mind system to accept these instructions for change and set them in motion.

And that means if you use HiTech-Motivation

Diane Narrative
Heiko’s mind-sound program is named HiTec Motivation.

…on a frequent level, in conjunction with your diet, for instance, then it would help you do the first step and keep on doing all the little steps toward the change you desire, and keep on doing [using the mind-sound system] until you do the final step, until the process is complete. And THAT we have proven on a scientific level with hundreds of people who used HiTec-Motivation, in conjunction with any form of change management.

Diane Narrative
Change management would be any method such as a low-sugar, -salt, -fat diet, movement training or meditation used as a tool toward change.

Sounds beautiful. Sounds great. I believe that so much. Because I’ve seen it …in music therapy. Fantastic. I love it.

Headphone GroupDiane
The technological method is great for individuals. It’s also great for [any] corporate environment.

Diane Narrative
Corporate here uses the definition “of or related to a united group,” such as a group of moms, a group of daughters or a group of moms and daughters.

It seems very parallel to my corporate tai chi concept, which is a means of relaxing and rebooting a group.

Diane Narrative
Heiko describes his having used this technology with athletes listening to soundtracks through headphones and relaxing as a group.


…And when you do that in a group, like in a tai chi class when you’re moving, there is a group effect which … strengthens and fortifies the effect of the individual training action…Very powerful.

HiTec-Motivation, especially if you use stereo headphones, lets you tune in to a very safe and smooth relaxation experience. What I’ve found is that many individuals who try to change something in their lives… find it hard to slow down, relax and to be at ease. And to be able to relax means that you can tune into your inner space, and changes in the outside always come from the inside If you are able to tune into your inner self, then you have this inner creative room where you start to trigger changes. And this is the first thing that happens when you listen to HiTec-Motivation.

Not until I heard my own “goal-oriented words” transformed into music by Heiko’s science did I realize the breadth of the mind-sound technology. As a music therapist, I have seen people go from states of stupor to states of fulfillment from a single line of lyric or melody. I, myself, can transform through playing and composing music, listening to it and dancing. Music is a universal art of communication.

When music benefits are combined with synthesized language, we can evolve and become the goal we set out to achieve. When we remove stress, our biggest barrier, we open the floodgates to success.

Heiko has provided more scientific info within the interview. For now, though, we will end here and prepare the launch of the WarriorsOfWeight.com mind-sound set of mp3s.


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Heiko Martens-Scholz earned his degree in Motivational Psychology. He has devoted his career to developing a scientifically proven method to easily and safely manifest personal goals. His sound system, HiTec Motivation, is rated the leading one in Europe, developed by his consulting firm. He is an author, consultant, father and has vision for a sustainable global society. His full bio will be on our Experts Page in 48 hours.


Diane Gold, Founder of Warriors of Weight, Moms For Healthy Daughters, is a mentor in tai chi, kung fu and meditation, a music, fitness and stress expert and a dedicated mom.
She is always looking for the integration of music and tai chi, music and dance, music and stress relief. Diane says,

“Music can change our lives. It’s there through thick and thin, whether we play or listen. Here’s a weight control tip: take 1-5 minutes a week and just dance. Our bodies and minds deserve the relaxation, the fun and the workout. Do it!”

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