WarriorsOfWeight will provide various resources that will be useful to our audience in ways that will help enhance our readers’ lives.

Tiger AbsWant to lose excess around your stomach area? Want to power up your mid-section?

You can do it with the Tiger Abs DVD. The warm-up is great, too, if you’re just starting to get into movement.

If you can do one repetition of one exercise, you will be started on a fun path that will change you if you are fairly consistent.  These straight-forward exercises work for everyone and are based on body dynamics, studied in detail by the kung monk. They are bare-bones efficient for the most results in the shortest period of time. Motivating music for each exercise.

Developed by The Kung Fu Conservatory,  Boca Raton, Florida. Get it now.

Warriors Of Weight Presents Better At SchoolFlorence Bernard, author of Better At School,  is an internationally acclaimed educator and parent consultant who has found a way to improve grades through motivating kids. She takes the blame attitude featured in,  “You didn’t study and you got an F? Must be the teacher’s fault or course!” OR “You didn’t wake up because your dad’s alarm didn’t go off, so blame your dad!” into motivating action steps parents and students can work on together.

Florence believes that academic skill is acquired. And she talks about the steps necessary to acquire them.

Read more and get the book here.


Optimistic ParentingV. Mark Durand, Ph.D, author of Optimistic Parenting, one of our experts, has found the quickest and simplest fix to creating the best quality of living for all concerned. His method: we as parents must examine the way we behave so that we can better teach our children well. His take on how what we think about ourselves impacts our kids is fresh, cutting edge and eye-opening.

This book creates hope and contains lots of insights and how-tos on the parenting of challenging kids and the some of the joys this work can bring.

Get the book HERE.

The 10 Things You Need To Eat by Anahad O’Connor, one of our experts, and Dave Lieberman. This book outlines 9 vegan items that will help you improve your way of eating. The book is stylized to the writing of its authors, which makes it fun to read.

You can read more about Anahad in our Experts section.


Apropo Kafe

Amazing Mediterranean/European Grill,

PROPO KAFE, 147 SE 1st. Ave., Boca Raton 33432

If you are local, dine for lunch or dinner.  Vegan upon request.

If you are not local, watch for Propo’s HUMMUS BY AIR, coming soon.