Weight Loss Secret Weapon


By Diane Gold

Weight Loss Secret WeaponAccidentally, a weight loss secret weapon came to my attention. I was minding my own business, looking for the next best thing to eat – for taste, not for substantial weight loss – I am lucky enough that my Buddha belly is only a pound or two. But, I always eat what I recommend, and I always taste new foods.

I happened upon this weight loss enigma when one of my suppliers endorsed its superior taste and confirmed its being a super food.


Just to define, the term “super food,” as so many dietary expressions, does not have any specific clinical trial evidence in science. The food that is referenced by the term usually has some such research behind it. But it always refers to food that has tremendous nutritional effects, so much so that its benefits may prevent disease.

Nutritional Facts - None Of Our Business “Super food” has more credibility than the word “natural” whose label means absolutely nothing and could mean anything from pig juice from non-hormonally treated adorable baby pigs to apple juice from genetically modified seeds whose crop is minimally sprayed. It also far surpasses the label that shows nutritional facts being none of our business by ingredient omission due to some legislative exemption or by the manufacturer’s not knowing the source of an ingredient.


So, let’s talk about the dreamy and subtly nutritious food that has such a marvelous effect. It is not luxurious and is somewhat flexible in growth locations. It is tasty and has different tastes based on how ripe it is and its variety. And it is a  super antioxidant.

What is it? It’s the Olive.


Antioxidants Protect The BodyWhat’s so great about antioxidants is that they inhibit a cell from interacting with oxygen. Think of the browning of cut apples or the healing of a cut on your skin. Some cells die, like rotting fruit. But, in the case of the body, we make new cells that replace the old cells which results in a healed cut.
Sometimes, during the oxidation process; as per Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD at Tufts U.,

“1% or 2% of cells will get damaged in the process and turn into free radicals.”

These are scavenging molecules looking to pair.

“Free radicals often injure the cell, damaging the DNA, which creates the seed for disease.”

Antioxidants protect the body from this process by slowing it down or eliminating it. That’s the big deal about antioxidants under which category olives fall.

Sometimes, cholesterol oxidizes. This causes heart disease. Olives reduce this. John Summerly, nutritionist and homeopath, refers to research studies where the fat from olives can reduce blood pressure as well.

Finally, antioxidants are known to prevent cancer, and olives are both antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties.


Completely to my surprise, after beginning to eat olives, my elimination became more slippery, meaning the walls of my intestines seemed to be coated with the a substance that eased out the waste. This leads me to mention that the fat content from olives may have a positive effect on constipation, although this phenomenon may not occur in anyone else.


Olives Can Help With Weight LossSince the time I began eating olives, I have lost several of the stubborn pounds that did not please me. I had gained 5 pounds for no reason, and it was not coming off. Now it is off. One of the only additions to my eating regimen is olives. I have researched that scientists believe that mono-saturated fats, the kind found in olives, can help with weight loss by breaking down fat inside of fat cells.

The great thing about eating olives is that they are high in fat – the good kind – the mono-saturated kind. To eat some every day does not require a lot of effort and does not require any preparation. They smell  and taste good, but their full and robust flavor does not lead to over-eating.

The fact that they create a good condition in the intestines may also lead to weight loss since good elimination is part of healthy living and healthy weight. The fact that they are antioxidants may keep the system healthy which improves the mind’s will power for weight loss.


Recently,I have been eating olives: both with salt and without, black only. They taste nothing like any olives I have ever tasted before.

I do not believe in calorie counting but will mention that the blacks have 40% more calories because they are older, riper and have more fat. They are all low in calories. They are organic and packed in olive brine only for shipping before being sun-dried. Commercial olives can be soaked in lye before they are put in brine with ingredients we never hear about, which is why I am careful about the quality of my olives, the supplier from which they come and the supplier’s knowledge of the process from tree to me.

Although I rarely eat anything that has added salt, I have researched that the sea salt in the olives I am eating will not harm me, and I value it for my health.

Here is an opportunity for you to get them. Here are my two kinds:Olives Pitted Organic Raw From WarriorsOfWeight.com




Olives Pits In Raw Organic From WarriorsOfWeight.com

BOTIJA PERUVIAN OLIVES, (the only ingredient),




Just so you know, I do business with Sunfood. Therefore, if you go ahead and purchase these lovely olives from the above links, I may be entitled to a stipend. I’m telling you about them for your health and not for my financial gain, though.


Anything that works for us can become a weight loss secret weapon. Sometimes we can come across healthful and goal-achieving eating habits by accident. Although I knew olives were part of the reason that people living close to the Mediterranean (and Latin Americans whose ancestors came from there) show lower coronary heart disease per 100,000 as per worldlifeexpectancy.com/cause-of-death/coronary-heart-disease/by-country (using WHO’s and other credible sources’ data). We can also see complete variations within this chart.

Here are several action steps that may be of interest toward the goal of bettering health. Be well.


1)   Set a goal to add 1 weight managing food this week. This can also include removing a food that is negatively impactful.

2)   Drink a 12 oz. glass of water 15 minutes before every meal, snack, drink you are going to have. If you are at the bar, be it in your home or out on the town, count each drink as a meal whereby you will drink a 12 oz. glass of water 15 minutes before it. This technique may help reduce the amount of your sugar intake (in alcohol and fruit drinks).

3)  Give my new raw, vegan, organic, weight loss OLIVE DISCOVERY a whirl.

Organic Olives with sea salt and no pits HERE.

Organic Olives with no salt and pits in, HERE.

4)   Know you have inner beauty, or you wouldn’t be part of the race (the human race).

5)   Know that you have value, or you wouldn’t be here (part of our family).

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Diane Gold, Founder of Warriors of Weight, Turning Habits Into Health, is a mentor in tai chi, kung fu and meditation, a music, fitness and stress expert, dedicated mom, studying plant-based nutrition and habit change.

She is always interested in alleviating pain in others. She makes an effort to investigate claims about health and weight loss. She says,

“Most weight loss techniques are hype. We don’t yet have the full picture about what makes some of us huge and others of us big eaters who never gain an overweight pound. (Similar to the paradox of France,  a country eating highly saturated fat, having the lowest coronary heart disease of any nation, except a tiny island in the Pacific.)

“I do know that if a method is simple and requires no preparation; it’s a great weight loss strategy: like drinking water instantly or pressing both sides of the ear lobe to suppress appetite.

“Now we can add the olive secret weapon to viable ways for weight loss. This is a breakthrough since it is a tiny food, easy to tote around and one not likely to over-eaten.

“Finally, let us all take good care of ourselves because we are so worth it!”
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