Diane Gold, Warriors Of Weight founder; tai chi, fitness, relaxation & music mentor, mom….

Friend, Facilitator, Idea Woman, Business Developer, Sustainability Advocate, Interviewer and Author.

Always looking for the good in people, essence, Diane sees the radiance rather than the deficiency: essence, not tinsel; perfection, not flaw. As a music therapist, she was known for her ability to stimulate behavior that brought competency, confidence, and contribution to people in whom others saw only desolation.

Diane uses a challenges as a ladder, not a barrier. She believes it is our individual job (as humans) to advance ourselves toward a personal objective She offers tool for personal development to achieve this evolution and motivation in herself and others.

So why did she develop Warriors of Weight? As the owner/operator/teacher of The Kung Fu Conservatory, for 19 years in South Florida, Diane had been asked to promote many weight loss products and herbals treatments most of which did not give attention to the root (pun intended) of why they were needed in the first place. This led to the creation of Warriors of Weight. Today, Diane is the proud Founder of this inbox magazine and website to reach moms, daughters, fathers, sons, who care about their health inside and out and want the simplest methods of changing a habit to live their most positive lives.

Diane owned The Music Experience, in New City, New York. She was an active music educator and therapist in the New York City and State school systems and institutions. In 1985, she created a music program for emotionally disturbed adolescents using turntable mixing and hip-hop music. She ran her classroom similar to the model in the movie, School of Rock, using musicianship and team effort to further the self-esteem, creativity and productivity in students. She cloned this program for the developmentally disabled population.

A good part of her success, as Diane sees it, can be attributed to the gratitude she feels every day. Her 1971 meditation training (2 ½ hours daily for 5 years) the beginning to a journey into inner balance, her NYU education and her great gifts of her late ex-husband and their two children together greatly shaped who she is today and her desire to reach out to others.

For over 13 years, as part of an international, 300-city event, Diane has produced World Tai Chi and Chi Kung Day in Boca Raton, Florida. In 2008, she produced Earthdance, Boca, an international event for peace. She has also been awarded a certificate from The Very Special Arts Festival for her program development as a music therapist.