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Diane Gold 2017 Boca Raton World Tai Chi Day

by Diane Gold on April 18, 2016.

Our main essay is an invitation to and details about tai chi and 2017 Boca Raton World Tai Chi Day with Diane Gold.

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Getting Rid Of Nausea – Move It! Move It!

by Diane Gold on Otober 18, 2016.

Today’s issue focuses on getting rid of nausea, a technique I rediscovered by accident.

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The One Step Technique For Imperfect Health

by Diane Gold on August 30, 2016.

Today’s issue focuses on using the one step technique for imperfect health. I get personal.

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Eastern And Western Medicine – The Hole

by Diane Gold on August 23, 2016.

Today’s issue focuses on Eastern And Western Medicine and the HOLE between them that exists because of lack of integration – and how to fix it.

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Tai Chi App

by Diane Gold on April 12, 2016.

Today’s issue focuses on TAI CHI and the upcoming World Tai Chi Day event, which includes Chi Kung.

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Rebirth – She Not Busy Being Born Is Busy Dying

by Diane Gold on March 22, 2016.

It’s doing well Diane Gold. Lovin’ it and grateful.

Today’s issue focuses on rebirth, cathartic experience, becoming new again and again and again. This one was inspired by my dancing for 2 1/2 hours at a 5Rhythms dance workshop.

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Myth Of Meditation – And The Million Dollar Secret

by Diane Gold on March 15, 2016.

Today’s issue focuses on the myth of meditation and my very small but important secret to replace the myth with rock solid evidence. I am proud to share it.

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Party Time – Saying Hello Again – Feeling Good – Out Of Danger

by Diane Gold on March 8, 2016.

It’s doing well Diane Gold, 1000% better than last time I wrote. I wanted to say hello again, thank you for reading my last issue, and let you know I am feeling good. Breathing normally and strong. Still and forever living each moment as it comes. Don’t know why I’m better; don’t know why I was sick. Lovin’ it and grateful.

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Health Care Mistakes: Our Biggest One

by Diane Gold on March 24, 2015.

Our main essay talks about the biggest of health care mistakes and includes a what if scenario to get us thinking.

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Balance In Our Lives

by Diane Gold on March 3, 2015.

Our main essay talks about balance in our lives, which comes from a systematic approach to living.

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5 Ways To Improve Your Health And Mine In 2015

by Diane Gold on January 13, 2015.

Our main essay talks about 5 ways to improve your health and mine. Each of the 5 is its own one minute exercise.

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The Airplane Workout Is Here: Stop In-Flight Clots

by Diane Gold on December 16, 2014.

Our main essay talks about the long awaited book by Diane Gold, The Airplane Workout, which helps in-flight clots and talks about how to prevent them, including one sample exercise from the book for your next flight.

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9 Ways Cacao Can Improve Our Health

by Diane Gold on September 9, 2014.

Our main essay talks about how cacao, the super food, first used by Latin Americans as early as 1400 B.C. E., benefits our health.

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The Habit Of Meditation: The True Mission

by Diane Gold on August 19, 2014.

Our main essay talks about the habit of meditation and what it truly does for us.

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Move Over Botox, Exercise To Rejuvenate Skin

by Diane Gold on Apr. 22, 2014.

Our main essay is about how exercise can rejuvenate the skin. It includes comment about injectable face fillers.

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7 Reasons For Workout Burnout: Then Do Tai Chi

by Diane Gold on Apr. 15, 2014.

Our main essay is about workout burnout and how doing tai chi avoids it.

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How Slouching Destroys Health

by Diane Gold on Mar. 18, 2014.

This week’s main essay is about how slouching really destroys our health. Who knew?

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Healthy Eating: Why Does The U.S. Fall Behind?

by Diane Gold on Jan. 28, 2014.

Our main essay talks about the United States is not number one in healthy eating and why.

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Habits In Medical Care-Part 3: Ready For Change?

by Diane Gold on Jan. 14, 2014.

Our main essay is the third installment of habits in medical care.

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How Personal Development Can Change The World

by Diane Gold on Jan. 7, 2014.

This week, our main essay talks about personal development and how it can change the world.

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Best Ab Exercise In 30 Seconds Or Less

by Diane Gold on Dec. 10, 2013.

This week, our main essay is a less than one minute exercise, in itself, along with an explanation about how to avoid injury during training.

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6 Great Reasons For Plant-Based Nutrition

by Diane Gold on Nov. 5, 2013.

This week, our main essay gives 6 valid reasons to consider plant-based nutrition.

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The Habit Of Gratitude And 100 Ways To Feel It

by Diane Gold on Oct. 22, 2013.

This week we are publishing our 100th Issue, which means we are celebrating our Second Anniversary. Therefore, we have a special main essay which is a list of 100 things that may make us feel gratitude.

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Demystifying Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Diane Gold on Sept. 16, 2013.

This week, we bring you the highlights of our interview with George Love, Doctor Of Oriental Medicine who demystifies it for all of us.

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Habits In Medical Care: Part One – What Certificate Is That?

by Diane Gold on June 3, 2013.

This week, our main article focuses on habits obtained regarding medical care.

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Guru, Master & Mentor: Are You In The Habit Of Verifying The Title?

by Diane Gold on Apr. 29, 2013.

This week, our main article focuses on the use of the words “guru, master and mentor.”

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Tai Chi, Walking & Other Fitness Training:Turning Exercise Into Habit

by Diane Gold on Apr. 22, 2013.

This week, our main article focuses on fitness exercises and how we train them. Tai chi is first in the title in honor of World Tai Chi Day, Saturday.

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What Martial Art … Helps Change A Habit?

by Diane Gold on Apr. 1, 2013.

This week, our main article focuses on tai chi and how tai chi principle can help change a habit.

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Martial Arts Of The Mind

by Diane Gold on Mar. 25, 2013.

This week, our main article is about martial arts of the mind. This article transpired as a discussion for a kung fu student who needed to understand that the physical exercises are the tools for the accomplishments of the mind. This article is a reminder of that truth.

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Change A Habit: How The Health Care System Has Taught Us Bad Habits

by Diane Gold on Mar. 18, 2013.

This week, our main article is about how the U.S. Health Care System has led us to need to Change A Habit.

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Sprouts: 7 Reasons Why. With Commentary By Jason McCobb, aka Farmer Jay

by Diane Gold on Mar. 11, 2013.

This week, our main article is about sprouting, with guidance from Farmer Jay of Farmer-Jay-Pure-Organics.

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Juicing At Home vs. Juice From The Health Food Store

by Diane Gold on Jan. 21, 2012.

This week, we talk about juicing, the pros and cons to juicing at home vs. the health food store. We also define organic vs. natural vs. vegan.

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Dancing For Weight Loss: A Fun Way To Firm It, Move It, Remove It

by Diane Gold on Nov. 26, 2012.

This week’s main article is about using dancing for weight loss with 5 action steps from which to choose.

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Fitness By Influence: How To Motivate At Home Fitness By Example

by Diane Gold on April 30, 2012.

Our main essay talks about how we can be the example our daughters need: in fitness and in health.

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Tai Chi: How Tai Chi Can Position Us To Change The World

by Diane Gold on April 23, 2012.

Because World Tai Chi And Chi Kung Day is this coming Saturday, April 28, our main article talks about its true purpose, and, more than that, the real mission of doing tai chi. This is an impactful subject, and comments are requested.

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The Power Of Silence: 5 Ways That Silence Can Be Achieved

by Diane Gold on April 9, 2012.

In In this issue, we will talk about The Power Of Silence and how we can use it to improve ourselves and help others.

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Tai Chi For Weight Loss: Preparing Yourself For Your Journey With Weight

by Diane Gold on March 5, 2012.

I am happy to bring you a discussion about one of the most impactful studies of my life. that of Tai Chi. Our main article talks about how this is a wonderful tool for weight loss in so many ways.

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Let’s Move, Even When It’s Hard

by Diane Gold on December 26, 2011.

Let’s Move, Even When It’s Hard, stresses the importance of moving every day. It includes a few easy 30 second movements that we can do in bed, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in our chair. I remember when John F. Kennedy started his physical education program in all schools. And today, Michelle Obama has her program, which emphasizes how crucial and how much fun it is to put movement in our lives, starting when we are young.

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Meditation For Weight Loss

by Diane Gold on December 12, 2011.

In our main essay, we talk about how meditation is a great method for weight loss and the principles of simplicity, daily time out and relaxation.

The action steps are a full meditation method in itself.
Also in this issue…

The Power Of Silence: 5 Ways That Silence Can Be Achieved


by Diane Gold

The Power of Silence? What’s that, you might say! When we take away distraction, our vibrant power expands or just remains. Removing the noise from our lives serves us well.

DamLet’s picture a dam and what happens to the water. We stop the water from moving by placing a barrier up, the water is contained but its momentum builds up at the point of the dam. The same thing happens when we create silence by first removing noise from our mental and physical environments. We build up energy by not wasting it unnecessarily and by learning to focus it.

Think about what would happen if we did not rest. I know I, myself, accustomed to a certain amount of sleep, always know when I have too little. I bow to those who regularly complete missions with little or no sleep. We wouldn’t go without rest, though, right? And our bodies and minds tell us we need it. So, why would we go without silence and relaxation?

Silent BoardwalkLet’s look at how beneficial it would be to plan silence for ourselves. We realize that we need to take periodic breaks. Do we realize these breaks are from the noise in our head from meaningless conversation or the noise at our place of work or school? It is no coincidence that there are thousands of retreat centers, a growing number of tai chi, yoga and meditation centers and more active attention on personal development training all over the world and tai chi and meditation in elementary schools. The growth of these quieting activities directly relates to the growing noise level in our everyday lives, be it from information overload online, local gossip or the 200 ads a day targeted at making us consumers of some 200 products that distract us from our one-pointed focus.

From music therapy training, we know that noise or music that is forced upon us and not to our liking causes agitation, aggression, anxiety, general deterioration of motivation. In tai chi, we know that the use of silence or soft sounds makes people calm and helps them learn to flow and relax and to understand that relaxation augments power. We build silence into every session of tai chi, during a music therapy session between the sounds, in meditation training and at retreats.

In the same way that silence is built into these formal trainings, we naturally are attracted to it because we like feeling renewed and balanced. Tranquility in our environment usually includes some type of silence so that our minds can re-energize, almost like a battery’s re-charging.  When we expend energy, whether it is by listening or by creating; we need a way to rejuvenate and replenish ourselves. Many times a day. That way is through silence.


Below are 5 simple examples of being in silence, that will work in most situations for most people. We are all in different circumstances, so we may have to make certain adjustments. Whether we are at work; school; in detention; not able to walk, in active military duty; we usually have a free 30 to 45 seconds. We are the best judge of this.


Even though there may be elevator music in a bathroom, it is a place that is usually free from constant chatter and other people. If there are stalls in the facilities, we can go inside one. Then we are in our own private cocoon and can use it to our advantage.

Small Horse StanceStanding with our knees bent, butt tucked, feet shoulder width apart, shoulders over hips, facing away from the toilet; we can take 30 to 45 seconds to look straight ahead. The idea is to let the serenity of solitude allow the mind to be silent and regroup.

There may always be sounds from other people’s closing doors, gossiping, blow dryers; but we have just begun taking an active part in creating silence for ourselves. With repetition, we will feel the difference and will achieve resetting ourselves with our own power. And we might get lucky and be alone in the bathroom.


We don’t need a beautiful park with a pristine lake and humming birds to grab a taste of silence. We should watch out for nature’s creatures who protect their territory with a vengeance (yes, I had to take down 3 wasp’s nests today to protect my cats and the roofers). Just the nature of stepping out of our building or away from our outside workplace gets us into another space, both physically and mentally, even if we just walk two steps away or turn in another direction.

All it takes is a second, but we will take 30 to 45 seconds. The rules are the same. This time, though, we don’t focus on have to choose where to focus. Those 30 to 45 seconds need to be spent with our eyes looking at one point. The position we stand in is knees bent, butt tucked, feet shoulder width apart, shoulders over the hips, facing the least active direction. Relax.


With all the digital material available to us, many under 50 do not automatically turn to the library. When our kids are young, we take them for special reading programs. When we are of public school age (and undergraduate college), we use Wikipedia and textbooks. In higher education, the libraries are so super fantastic, that, and contain a lot of research material.

However, since we are talking about silence, a library is a great place to seek refuge. If we are in school, most schools have a library that offers quietude. If we are at work, most corporations or organizations have a research room, if not a library. These collections are often sitting and waiting for the students or workers in the buildings to come and use the physical area. Using the same physical exercise as in the above sections, take 30 to 45 seconds in the library. The great reset.


Depending upon where we are locationally, we may have a full-sized park with flowers and trees. We may also have a cement wall to bounce a ball from. The same activity can be done at either park. Since the goal is power in silence, we can do 30 to 45 seconds of the same position as above.

In either park, we must focus our attention on a flower or blade of grass, if there is one, or a particular crack in the cement, if our park has an old wall. We can find silence in the act of taking the time to set up the activity. If there is no wall, we can focus our attention 10 feet in front of us at the ground. This will center us. This will bring us silence.


TranquilityMost of us have a computer. If not, we have a book. We can choose a , there is a local museum or historical society. In most cases, we are welcome to go inside at no charge. We can spend time in this type of establishment doing the same exercise as above in order to create silence for ourselves. Most caretakers of history will be glad to have us as guests. So, it might be the perfect place that is rich in history and respects that history in glorious silence.


There are many opportunities to build silence into our lives. The simple 30 to 45 second breaks are solutions to do so. By being purposeful, we create our horizons. By taking these silence breaks, we revv up our energy. We also become adept at doing it in a 30-second period.

Confucius has been quoted as saying,

“Silence is a true friend who never betrays.”

Although there are many interpretations of this, I see it as meaning that silence will always be good to us and for us because its power is biological. Because it is a scientific truth,  it does change or betray, the way of a bad friend. Because it is based upon science, there can be no way the effect of silence can disappear. Therefore, the power of silence is faithful, useful and universal.


This article will be posted at in 48 hours. Please leave your comments there or visit on Twitter @warriorsoweight.


Diane Gold, Founder of Warriors of Weight, Moms For Healthy Daughters, is a mentor in tai chi, kung fu and meditation, a music and stress expert and a dedicated mom. She has learned through her kung fu, tai chi and music training that silence can enhance our power. She says, “We are fortunate, as humans, that we can reset our minds and bodies by a small, incremental step. Silent action is one of the most powerful ways to make this happen. “