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About Mind Sound

Mind Sound is a wonderful program we can offer now. It is a scientifically proven technique where listening to sounds enhanced with particularly studied musical pulses can help us achieve our goals through the calming effect the music and pulse combinations brings to us.

This technology uses the same principles as the music therapists I studied with. There are three kinds of programs we can listen to:

  • sounds alone, slow and meditative
  • sounds along with verbal affirmations
  • electronic sounds of a more rhythmic design

These programs can help us with any weight issues. We must be willing to be patient with them. Please stay tuned.

Mind-Sound: Music And Language Create Imagery Through Sound, An Interview With Heiko Martens-Scholz

by Diane Gold on July 9, 2012.

Our main article focuses on Heiko Martens-Scholz, motivational psychologist and author, and his success working with hundreds using mind-sound technology which he calls Hi-Tec-Motivation.

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