First Day: This is Your Red Carpet Event


October 31, 2011

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First Day: This is Your Red Carpet Event

Welcome to Warriors of Weight:

Moms For Healthy Daughters

Your Red CarpetWe are so pleased to offer you our experts in the fields of weight loss, exercise, nutrition, psychology, self-esteem, alternative methods, fashion and meditation. It is your red carpet day.

We want to celebrate the beauty that exists within you and your daughter, the friendship that is possible among us all;  and we are ready to share the journey to success that either of you may have.

In order to make the biggest impact and offer you the most useful material, please let us know your story and what would help you the most. We will share strategies and stories that may be very much like yours. We will make sure that you are not alone.

You can send an email to 1 [at] warriorsofweight [dot] come or post a comment below, and we will reply.

Here’s to you and our beautiful daughters.


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  1. Admin says:

    I just remembered there used to be a show Queen For A Day. Let’s try to make sure we are queens for a day every day and that our daughters feel that way, too.

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