Terms Of Service

General Endorsements And Advertising Policy

WarriorsOfWeight.com does its best to bring you information, products and services that will be beneficial to your quality of life. We produce products, recommend others and may allow like-minded individuals to advertise on the site.

The inclusion of an ad or announcement from WarriorsOfWeight.com does not constitute an explicit endorsement, although we are careful about what we allow to be published. It does mean that, as far as we know, the product or service is valid and useful.

Any review we write on a product or service will very specifically be an endorsement or a warning. Although we do diligence with any advertiser we allow to publish, we ask you to do your own review.

 Notice Of Commissions And Referrals Policy

When we publish reviews, ads or links to a third-party person, product or service; we may receive an affiliate commission for such advertising service. Because of this, we ask that you do your own do diligence of the product, aside from the review or ad that we publish.  Any remuneration we get does not change the fact that we make every effort only to endorse sites we genuinely believe to offer good and valuable products and services.

Refund Policy

Our overall aim is to reward people who invest in themselves so that there is no need for refund discussion.

Most products carry refunds minus shipping and handling. All digital products carry a seven to 60-day refund. Check the specific product information for exact time periods. All non-digital products carry a 14-30-day refund period, depending on the product.

LIVE SEMINARS/CLASSES/LECTURES are an exception to the refund policy, and you agree to be bound to the separate and distinct guarantee as outlined on the page which describes the event and links to this agreement.

CONSULTATIONS AND COACHING SERVICES are also an exception and may NOT be refunded under any circumstances once a concrete time has been booked in your consultant’s schedule.  This is because the consultant and/or coach reserves the time for you, may turn down other business, and is entitled to charge for this service.  You explicitly agree this is fair and equitable before paying for such service.


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