The Great Stress Relief Technique


By Diane Gold

Stress Relief - FocusThe greatest stress relief technique is here. It is almost nothing. It can be done anywhere by anyone at any time. There are a few simple steps to get there, but not much has to be done.

First, remember that line in Boiler Room where Ben Affleck tells his new traders in training,

“Act as if.”


For stress relief, let’s act as if we know tai chi and slow our movements so that whatever we do in the next minute has no jerky movement and is done at the speed of a snail.

Let’s loosen the joints in any way we know how because we will be placing our attention on a new activity in 7.5 seconds. We will be able to go back to whatever it was we were doing 7.5 seconds after that.

The technique involves standing up, or sitting or lying down, if standing up is not possible. If the body does not move, do it in the mind, as if.


1) Separate the feet so they are shoulder width apart.

2) Slowly go from sitting to standing as if you only knew how to move like a snail or sloth. If you cannot stand, sit.

3) Lower the chin slightly as if someone were pulling to the rear the hairs at the bottom of your neck, in order to make your head straight.

4) Drop the arms so they hang down.

5) Relax the shoulders.

6) Lean slightly forward so that the shoulders are over the hips over the heels, while tucking the butt.


7) Look 10 feet onto the floor/ground in front of you the entire time (or wherever 10 feet ahead is if you are not able to look forward). If there is a wall or other item in the way, look through it.

8) Place the tongue at the roof of the mouth, the top of the teeth.

9) Close the mouth.

10) Take one slow breath in and out through the nose while focusing on your ten-foot mark.

11) Very slowly, start to sit (If you are not able to sit, relax your gaze.)

12) When you are seated (or in whatever adjusted position due to physical boundaries), maintain the slightly lowered chin and recall the relaxation of the movement you have just done.

13) Keep silent for a few seconds.

14) That’s it – 15 seconds, most.

15) If you can, do it again the next day.

16) If possible, continue doing it every day, without increasing the time it takes to do it for, at least, a year.

17) At the end of a year, if you like, you can increase your time a little for another year. And so on.


Consistent action of short duration is far more effective than short-term action of long duration. That is, if you do this stress relief ditty for 5 minutes for 7 days and get so burnt out that you never do it again, you have not added consistent focus to your day, which is the point. Better to do the technique for under 15 seconds, once a day, and keep going.


1) In giving the mind a tiny task for less than 15 seconds, we teach the mind that we can command it to do a task.
2) In telling the mind to focus, we are giving it a mission.
3) The mission reduces stress.
4) We learn what consistency is when we repeat the task day after day, which is the way to develop knowledge of what to do and to develop a habit.
5) Positive consistency grows our inner foundation which stabilizes us, makes us strong, secure, safe, happy; even if we weren’t a moment before, even if we might not be in a moment.
6) The long term effect of this mission is that we develop the ability to feel our stability, strength, security, safety, happiness because our foundation which is being fortified is part of our core being; therefore we begin to feel stable, strong, secure, safe, happy, more and more after we are finished doing the technique. It becomes the way we are more consistently.
7) The biggest result is that we learn that we can go to a place of focus and stress relief in mere seconds, even in the middle of what used to be a hopeless stress on the mind or body.


Stress Relief - The Great Stress Relief TechniqueYes, the great stress relief technique is the most simple way for us to gather our focus together. The events of our day may lead us to scatter, stress and naturally prompt our minds to develop pinball action.

It is just as easy to develop the habit of focus, to smile when we see the first pinball drop down the shoot in our mind and replace it with focus. All we have to do is the instructions above.


Keep in mind that there is no need to consider whether this will work, before we do it or after we do it. It is enough to do it. And then, do it again and again. The act of being consistent, in itself, will develop the focus which will replace the stress. This exercise has the benefit of allowing the blood to circulate freely, allowing the lungs to respire well, allowing the spine to decompress, freely calling up our synovial fluid to reduce friction on our joints.

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Diane Gold, Founder of Warriors of Weight, Turning Habits Into Health, has been a mentor in tai chi, kung fu and meditation, has been a music, fitness and stress expert, dedicated mom, studying peaceful conflict resolution, habit replacement and has been certified in plant-based nutrition.

She believes we are the masters of our fate, more or less. She says,

“By repeating an action, we learn a new action. Should we continue to repeat the new action, we develop a habit. When we develop a habit, we make dormant our old habit.

“By doing the above technique we are going from not doing it, our old habit, to doing it, our new habit. With continued repetition, our new habit will serve us well.

“Do it, and have success. Contact warriorsofweight consulting for help.

“And, in doing so, we get to take overall good care of each other and ourselves – including loving ourselves and our fellow beings at all costs – because we are all always worth it.”

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