Acupressure And Tapping: How They Can Help Your Weight

Acupressure And Tapping: How They Can Help Your Weight

Acupressure And Tapping: How They Can Help Your Weight (Issue 10)

by Hillary Talbott

There are many different [acupressure] points as well as many different patterns of disharmony that can lead to weight gain. It’s important to understand what your pattern of disharmony is that’s leading to the weight gain, if regular diet and exercise are not working.

In order to do this, locate your local acupuncture physician at

Two common points that we’re going to discuss today, are Stomach-36 and Liver-3.

Stomach 36Now, Stomach-36 is a common point for regulating digestion. It has an auto regulating effect on the digestion, meaning that it can be used for things like diarrhea and constipation.

It tonifies digestion, whose deficiency can lead to weight gain. So, to find Stomach-36, we start by locating the two dimples under the knee, sometimes referred to as Calf’s Nose.

[Tonify means to increase energy, blood, chi in the area.]

It is approximately, one hand breadth below the lateral dimple. And it is also found by running your finger up the crest of the Tibia [lower leg bone in front] until it begins to curve out. Your finger will actually fall into a natural depression there.

So, applying firm pressure to Stomach-36 will help to tonify the digestive system, hopefully, leading to weight loss.

Stomach 36 TappingAnother technique, known as tapping, is also effective here. You just want to tap on the point for about 30 seconds, at a time. Now, like all points, this point is found bilaterally on the body. So, you can find it on both legs. [Do it on both legs.]

Another point combination that is helpful for weight loss is Liver-3 and Kidney-1. These points are located on the foot. They’re particularly helpful when you find yourself eating out of frustration or stress. Which most of us happen to do, in this day and age.

Kidney 1 & Liver 3 PressingSo, to locate Liver-3, it is in the hollow, between the first and second metatarsal bones. And again, your finger will kind of fall into a dip here, just before the bones begin to close. Now, Kidney-1 is on the bottom of the foot, almost directly below Liver-3.

And pushing these two together, is very helpful for coursing Chi throughout the body, calming the mind and tonifying digestion. So, a gentle pressing technique is useful here. [Chi is vital life energy.]

Tapping Kidney 1And the tapping technique is very useful for calming a mind that just won’t quit  so that you can have better awareness and make good choices for yourself, as far as diet and exercise. I recommend doing this daily.


Hillary has given us some wonderful techniques to use for weight loss. They also stimulate our body’s energy, in general. Born from her successful experience with her own patients, the fact that she has shared them with us is a rare gift. We would ordinarily have to go to school or get acupuncture treatment to get this knowledge.

Such a small action as pressing or tapping can bring such a huge result. And these techniques  feel so good.

When pressing or tapping, go about these actions gently. Take it easy until you know your strength. If you have any questions or you have any specific medical issues, please consult your medical professional first.


Hillary Talbott, DOM, is an acupuncture physician and clinical herbalist in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her education in exercise physiology and health science education from University of Florida, led her to pharmaceutical hematology/oncology distribution work, a change of heart to Eastern Medicine and now, an emphasis on Women’s Health, through her professional degree in Oriental Medicine. See her full bio and contact info in our experts section on the main site here.


Feel free to comment below so that we can let Hillary know our results from pressing and tapping.  Comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

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