Belief In Self: 5 Ways To Create Belief

(Issue 46)

By Diane Gold

How to create belief in self is something we usually don’t talk about. We talk about believing. We talk about belief systems. We talk about how people who are successful have belief in self. We talk about people without belief falling into dark holes. We also talk about their digging themselves out when some belief shows up. But it’s uncommon to hear about what steps were taken to create belief.

In the martial arts, we are given a method to build ourselves into warriors of peace. The method is a systematic approach to understanding. The same is taught when learning music, dance, meditation, science, philosophy, religion, medicine, sports, language and any other discipline that exists. So, if we can learn other disciplines, why not be able to learn about belief?

(Anecdote: This reminds me of myself in college. I was part way between my finishing in music ed and starting in music therapy, and I thought about doing a PhD. I always wanted to have one so I could be called doctor. (We can be shallow at the same time that we have some depth.) I also really wanted to study whether there were a method to teach rhythm and pitch. That hasn’t happened yet, but I was reminded of my believing I could prove some such mechanism that is now being studied through central pattern generators in the neural network.)


We are the directors of our own movie as well as the main actor. We can will ourselves to prepare our face, our voice, our mind, our body to be a confident, capable, skilled competent person we are with with full ability to achieve, to resist what we want and to choose whatever we want.

When we do this, we may not see ourselves as confident. We may not feel that we are confident in this belief we are throwing on ourselves. But many other humans have achieved belief in themselves using these methods.


Tell the mind it is time for you.
Tell the mind you will succeed.
Be brave.

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Rejuvenate with 1 minute of silent standing, devices turned off, preferably in an alone space, but not essential.

Whatever our circumstance, however far we feel away from believing in ourselves; standing still will rejuvenate us. So that’s the beginning.


Standing, put the feet together with arms hanging down at sides.
Stand still, and close your eyes.
Lower the chin a tiny bit, so that the back of the neck is not pinched.
Slowly let a smile come to the lips.
If it wants to turn into a giant grin, let it.
It if makes you feel like laughing, go ahead.


We have all felt ourselves straighten up a little bit, walk a little straighter when we want to impress a prospective employer or romantic interest. Posture is crucial in creating belief. When we pull up from the top of the head, notice the straightness of our spine and deliberately become more aware of not slouching; we feel more confident, our respiration is fuller so we actually get more oxygen to our lungs and take the pressure off our muscles to get it there. Our speech is clearer, and we sometimes feel a bit of endorphins when we straighten up.


Straighten the posture on a regular basis. At least 3 conscious times a day. You’ll be glad you did.


Tell yourself you believe in you!


Go to a mirror with the attitude that you want to believe in yourself. On your way to get the mirror if it’s a hand mirror, or to the location of a wall mirror; strengthen the posture concept by remembering to straighten yourself, at least, throughout this mirror segment of the exercise.

Look in the mirror.
Say the words,

“I believe in me,”

10 different ways, with a smile on your face and love (for yourself) in your heart.


Get an outside cheerleader!


Get a cheerleader.
If you have a friend, ask the friend to tell you she believes in you with the words,

“You can do it.”

This is very personal work. If you find you don’t have the kind of friend you can ask, be happy and go watch this video for a little support: . It might also help to go tell someone like the video store clerk, the bagel store clerk, the postwoman, a stranger.


The secret ingredients to belief are CONSISTENCY, REPETITION, FOLLOW THROUGH. Just as with any process, the more familiar we get with it, the more we become it. Creating belief is not an easy task. But it will empower us regularly to create, help others, be productive and feel good.

One last memory from both music and martial arts training is that it takes a good 20 years to learn a craft, a process, become stable, understand a personal destiny. Belief in self is something one becomes familiar with in time. Just like learning a language, learning hip-hop, becoming proficient at sobriety, becoming comfortable with any change in habit; creating belief is a life-changing process that filters in with work. It is a way of being that needs cultivation. Once it shows its face in our lives, we will be motivated to keep it alive. Don’t take it for granted, and remember to nurture it.

Whatever lies ahead, the time to start creating belief is now. It’s worth the pursuit and will accompany you wherever you go once it is created.

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Diane Gold, Founder of Warriors of Weight, Moms For Healthy Daughters, is a mentor in tai chi, kung fu and meditation, a music, fitness and stress expert and a dedicated mom.
She believes we can create our path and create along the path and that that lesson is one for every student in every school. Diane says,

“As powerful as our minds are, we should certainly have a required class in the concept of belief, not the philosophical discussion of different beliefs, but the mechanism of how to reach self-belief. We look for it. It grounds us. It drives us, and it heals us. If we all understood that we could develop it, our lives would be fuller, and we’d be more available to better our world.”

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