Rebirth – She Not Busy Being Born Is Busy Dying


By Diane Gold

Rebirth - Coming Back To LifeThe concept of rebirth here means coming back to life and daily evolution. My definition may be one of the lesser common ones. It has nothing to do with reincarnation. It has all to do with how we live our lives here and now.

Let’s start with birth. That’s when we begin a series of catharses from our mother’s womb to the end of breath as we know it. It is also when we begin a concept or project, a belief system or a phase.

Rebirth, therefore, is what happens when we take one step in a new direction. Some refer to it as born again. Others know it as transformation. This happens every day and can be noticed by being aware of everything – our minds, our bodies, our relationships, our talents, our intellect, our purpose – or nothing. It happens whether we are looking or not. It happens from one condition to a better one. It happens from one condition to a worse one.

Let’s look at Bob Dylan’s words which are really,

***He not busy being born is busy dying,

a lyric in the 1964 song It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding).

I feminized the lyric to represent a more universal approach, not to aim it at women, but to rebirth the male pronoun to a feminine one to include all of us.

The lyric refers to being in the moment of doing things, living, evolving – busy being born, as opposed to busy being in the moment of doing nothing, living in negativity, choosing to stagnate. I don’t believe the lyric refers to physical dying. Even when we know we are physically dying very soon, we have the opportunity to live well while we are still breathing. Not such an easy thing, but if we live that way when we are not soon to die physically, we have more experience opening up, living newness all the time.

How profound! Let’s be being born. It happens anyway. How many times in a lifetime do we say,

“I’m not the same person as I was then.”

As I see it, we are the same person; we are a conglomeration of the daily evolution of that being.


Rebirth can be anything:

from being sick to being well
from just mopping a floor to mopping a floor so well that it starts to shine with love
from not having kissed to kissing for the first time
from djing in our prime to djing for the last time
from being a child without the ability to give birth to giving physical birth
from not being dependent on a drug to being dependent on a drug
from being dependent on a drug to replacing the drug dependence with dancing
from having many visits with our kids to visiting with our kids one last time
from being sad to being accepting
from being too shy to reach out to doing it after years of shyness
from nice to nasty
from nasty to nice
from young to old
from old mind to young mind
from sitting on a bench hungry to eating a strawberry while sitting on that bench.

All these scenarios represent the rebirth experience: getting familiar with living and dying (shedding our former self) on a daily basis. Some happenings take us to what we would call favorable places. Others take us to new places that, on the surface, may seem undesirable. Even these can be evolutionary. We become from wherever we are.


All activities give us new life, are evolutionary and can be instrumental in guiding us to change. Something dull and boring may become meaningful and evolutionary. Nothing has to be glamorous or look spiritual. If we are involved, this is part of our spirit, so it is spiritual. It can be cleaning feces off a wall, meditating with monks, creating an empire or teaching a child.

Take WATCHING A BASEBALL GAME. I am using this example because anything can be that one thing that causes a grand leap. So we are watching a game with the girls, and from this watching, we realize that we need to spend more time playing catch with our kids. So we get home and launch a full campaign to do just that. The result from our doing so brings us closer to our kids, seems to contribute to our middle daughter’s not acting out as much and we reduce our cholesterol. Triple header!


Here are the things I like to do. Although every time I interact with another person, I am aware of my own transformation; the following activities seem to be universally popular for rebirth, catharsis, dramatic change. Of course, this is from my view point. I really like each of these activities, and they transform. So is it possible that,


TAI CHI is one of my transformers.
PLAYING PIANO & CREATING MUSIC have been a huge part of my life.
FREE DANCING and being surrounded by other beings who free dance has been amazing and is my newest love.
COACHING PEOPLE to be good to themselves brings a layer of growth to me.
LISTENING TO ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC is sooooooooooooooo relaxing.


Rebirth, as I mean it, is the process of our becoming new. It is the blossoming and shedding we do within ourselves daily and always. Kind of the way our skin sheds regularly. We all do it. We all become, even in our final days. Let us flow as we grow.

Even though flowing like water seems easy, we encounter much obstruction along the way; we have to maneuver. The journey is to find the flow, even in the harshest conditions. It is said that the ONLY time we know how balanced and flowing we are is in times of adversity.

Rebirth - Daily EvolutionWhatever we do for rebirth, change, growth has to be pure, because any impurities tag along and invade us. Hallucinogens can transform us. Most other drugs are too controlling. Plant-based food can be transformative. The animals saved by our eating this way certainly think so. There are many glorious choices out there. Most of them involve moving. So go move something. Feel the rebirth occur.





Please make a list of, at least, 3 things that you love to do.
Notice how one of these activities transforms you.
If so moved, write about it and send it in so we can post it. We can share it anonymously or just read it privately.
Notice personal growth on a daily basis as you become new and then new again.

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Know that you can reach out to a fellow human, probably to the person right next to you. If that interaction works out poorly, do it again. It’s worth it, since most people are nice and want to connect with you.

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Diane Gold, Founder of Warriors of Weight, Turning Habits Into Health, has been a mentor in tai chi, kung fu and meditation, has been a music, fitness and stress expert, dedicated mom, studying peaceful conflict resolution, habit replacement and has been certified in plant-based nutrition.

She believes it’s important to become new, to notice rebirth. She says,

“What I mean by rebirth is being born or changed into, a new person, each day, every day, more than once a day, just by being and noticing.

“I thought of it because I do this free dancing which creates in each of us a movement similar to birth where we go from a pile of rubble to a glowing ball of light that can heal inside us and outside us. And one of the participants used the word “rebirth,”to which I could not relate, wholeheartedly, at the beginning of the session. Toward the end, though, it was as if I were a continuum of myself,combination of myself a second ago, in the present and a minute from now. That, to me was rebirth.

“Pretty much fun. I recommend noticing any kind of change, replacement, renewal that occurs. Enjoy it.

“Finally, let’s take overall good care of ourselves – including loving ourselves and our fellow beings at all costs – because we are always worth it.”

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