6 Ways To Be More Productive & Love It More


By Diane Gold

More Productive - Be More Productive And Love It MoreTo be more productive and love it more, (1), because we actually will be making a critical difference and (2), because we will be having a great time doing it, is a common aspiration. Who can make that happen, though? There are so many compromises and lots of complicated layers to everything.

True, life is multifaceted, but we can set ourselves on a path of productivity, combined with one of ethical action and awesome happiness. To follow are 6 distinct ways we can do this, any one of which may enhance our lives. We are all unique and worthy. Loving what we are doing is part of it. Contributing through productivity is another.


More Productive - Manage A ProjectLet’s say we wish to manage a project, but no one has assigned us this role. We can create our own project so that we create our own role as project manager. This can be done as part of what we do for our daily livelihood or as our own personal project. It can be for 1 minute a day. Everyone has that much time. It can also be for an hour.

In doing so, we feel satisfied that we have begun a project. Our actions lead to experience in the particular area of our project which lead us to being more productive as we become more familiar and thus more efficient at the project process. We engulf ourselves in work we love because it is our project. If we work for someone else and that someone else finds out about the project, that someone may get to see our project management skill. If we work for ourselves, we accomplish something directly related to our own passion or objective.


No matter what we are doing in our lives, taking a class makes us more productive. We will be around someone else who is passionate about the particular subject which excites us, raises our focus, raises perceived value on the competition grid of industry and usually makes us happy. One of the biggest reasons we get happy is that, during the interval of time when we are studying, whether online or onsite; we are not washing dishes – our own or someone else’s; we are not thinking about daily living items such as finance, relationship and we are in a different mental environment. We are increasing our ability to focus, and we are drinking from the well of knowledge that exists in the classroom. Learning new material about our subject may also enhance our livelihood. This spans courses from janitorial techniques to peaceful conflict resolution role playing to executive training on how to choose a productive team member more efficiently.

If we work for ourselves, we will branch out in course knowledge for ourselves or our business. If we work in the hierarchy of a company, we will bring more to the table and see the job that we do with new eyes.


More Productive - Cook Or Raw A New MealWhen we make our own food, we are caring for ourselves. We get to create nutritious art plus we get to make ourselves healthy by choosing ingredients that include vitamins, minerals, nutrients and phytonutrients that fortify us from harm and make us strong.

Making this meal, we have a chance to be super productive by choosing to use ingredients that have been sustainably grown with no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or genetic engineering; without rainforest destruction, without soil depletion, without using excessive land or water, without human exploitation for labor, without taking an animal’s life.


Whether we are working on self-esteem or want to gain more from the way we sound; the camera and the mirror always help us see ourselves as others see us. The voice recorder allows us to hear what we sound like. We can go to the webcam or the mirror once a day and tell ourselves how amazing we are. We can start by saying,

“I’m wonderful. I’m kind. I’m happy. I’m helpful. I’m hopeful. I love my life. I love where I live. I love my team. I love the animals in my house. I love my town. I love you. I love myself. Thank you, self, for being who you are.”

But any words can be used. As long as we’re consistent, we’ll get great at it.

If we’re using the webcam, we might also get proficient at making videos for family greeting cards or making videos for marketing our product or service. If not, and, if possible, let us record what we say so we can hear our great message to ourselves.

Here’s a sample video of a young girl doing it some 5 years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR3rK0kZFkg


More Productive - Meditating, Dancing, Running All Teach Focus

There are a few choices when choosing to meditate. They fall into the category of moving or not moving as in doing tai chi or sitting in the corner.

Dance comes in many styles. We all like a different one.

Running can mean in place or moving distance. We can do it in place, on a track or on the street.

These methods all have one thing in common. Meditating, dancing, running all teach focus. This means grabbing the mind so that we control what it does. The better we get at this, the more time we’ll have because we won’t be thinking about a different task as we are doing our initial task. This makes us more productive.

These activities also recharge us so we can be fabulous and productive in anything we do. All we need is 1 minute a day to succeed. To meditate, we can stand with knees slightly bent, feet shoulder width apart, butt tucked. For dancing and running, we can pick our favorite style, as long as we are moving the body nicely. For all three, we can watch the breath we breathe in and the breathe we breathe out. All we need is 15-60 seconds.


More Productive - Enough RestThis one seems easy. Because we have such full days, we sometimes tend to overdo it before settling down to sleep. At these times, we might find we have not left enough sleep time to feel rested and awesome for our next day.

A quick trick that can give us enough rest if we should awaken and need more sleep, is to do one single liquid-like tai chi movement for 30 seconds, focusing the attention on the center in front of us. This exercise will make us feel as if we have just napped. I have even experienced the feeling that I have taken a 5 hour nap from one small tai chi experience.

When we have enough sleep, negative attitudes disappear; and we are in better condition to produce and love it.


Our 6 ways to be more productive (and love it) are action steps in themselves. They create a type of clarity through focus and self-nurturing that develops drive which causes productivity which leads to enjoyment and satisfaction. Simple steps, all less than a minute.

Here’s the review of the ACTION STEPS:

1) CREATE A PROJECT to manage and complete.

2) TAKE A CLASS in something to self-enhance.

3) COOK OR RAW A NEW MEAL for power, purpose and health.


5) MEDITATE (standing or sitting with straight back), DANCE OR RUN, focusing on our breath.


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Diane Gold, Founder of Warriors of Weight, Turning Habits Into Health, is a mentor in tai chi, kung fu and meditation, a music, fitness and stress expert, dedicated mom, studying plant-based nutrition in certificate course, peaceful conflict resolution and habit replacement.

She is grateful to be focused. She says,

“If we take on what we want someone else to give us, we will get our wish without waiting, and we will gain experience. If we take on a project that we have interest in, we will be fulfilling a dream. Either of these actions make us productive, the acts themselves as well as attitudes about them. They also make us love the productivity. And all we need is a minute a day. So, let’s begin.

“Finally, let us all take good care of ourselves because we are so worth it!”

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